Wooden Flooring

A beautiful addition to any home, wooden flooring is one of the many magnificent products that Timber Construction can offer you. We use only the best timber and timber products available, ensuring that you get the best final product that you can enjoy for years to come.

Timber Construction will partner with you in the design phase, material selection phase and we will work closely with you until the final reveal. You cannot go wrong with 56 years of experience in the timber industry. We build products that last.

Cleaning and maintaining a Solid Wooden Floor or a Laminate Floor

  • Sweep the floor as you would a normal floor
  • Wash with soap and water as you would a tiled area
  • If there is a stubborn mark, try polishing it out using any floor polish. There will be a slight colour change for a few days before it blends back.
  • Polish the floor a minimum of once or twice a year. You can polish it more if you wish.