Restoring Heritage sites are a passion for Timber Construction. This particular heritage site was the original Cullinan Farm House, home to the founder of the Cullinan diamond. It was originally built in 1893 and has fallen into slow disrepair. The Transvaal Scottish reserve army has since leased the building and managed to requisite funds from the national lottery to restore this historical landmark.

Lady Cullinan used to take her high tea in the south-east conservatory. The decaying timber building was carefully dismantled, modelling each cutter from existing profiles. We rebuilt the conservatory to its former glory. The inside of the conservatory was being used as a storeroom. It is now restored to hold boardroom meetings. The roof, columns, walls, windows and cladding were rebuilt. For historical reasons, one wall was recreated as a memory wall.

The original sheeting was re-used as it still has the original Royal London stamp on it. This stamp is proof that the sheets were originally manufactured in England and shipped to South Africa. It was then transported up to the Old Transvaal by ox wagon. We had to rebuild the bay window which was the main view over Johannesburg. The bay window used to be the seating section in the Ladies bar.

The process was the same as rebuilding the south-east conservatory. The original origin pine flooring was repaired, re-sanded and sealed. By refurbishing the floors, it allowed us to install new servitudes under the floor to accommodate the stunning new gentlemen’s bar. The bar was designed according to an old English gentlemen’s club with fluted panels, solid mahogany counter tops and a leather bull nose surround. The tap fixtures and the basin are brass. This allowed for the basin to blend into the surrounding colours.

The trophy units to display the Transvaal Scottish rewards were the original display cabinets in the Cullinan house. These were refurbished to its original glory instead of replaced to follow through with the historical restoration. The doors, stairs, balustrade and the fireplace surrounds are all original and were only refurbished.

Heritage sites such as these are the reason that Timber Construction has such a passion for this industry. We are proud to be a part of restoring Heritage sites to their former glory.