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What are the Different Types of Cladding?

By 11/09/2021September 13th, 2021Blog

Most modern homes have cladding that looks beautiful, adds to the home’s curb appeal, and can actually improve the functionality of your home.

However, new and budding property owners who know nothing about cladding tend to get confused over the many types as well as their use on their new properties.

In fact, many people don’t even know what cladding is, much less how much more the value it can add to your home. In this article, we’ll talk about what cladding is, the various types of cladding, and other important things you should know.

What is a Cladding?

Ever seen homes that look like they were built with red or brown bricks, but yet have parts of the house that were built with regular cement or wood? Those exterior features that look like bricks are what’s known as cladding.

These are exterior add-on features designed to help improve the property’s aesthetics and or preserve the building’s structural integrity. More homes are incorporating these features into their designs because they look amazing, and often complement the home’s designs.

Because of their rapid adoption in the construction industry, the demand by homeowners, and the evolution of the exterior cladding designs, cladding is a must-have these days.

Not only does adding cladding to your home beautify the property, but it also enhances the class and appeal of your home, giving it a bit of the old-world charm.

Types of Cladding

Because of its unique features, exterior cladding has become quite the hit with new homeowners and people looking to renovate. Because of its popularity, many types of cladding have emerged, along with a plethora of composites and materials.

Choosing one cladding for your home’s exterior can be quite the fun activity if you’re so inclined. And if you’re not, give the task to your architect and let them figure out the best type of cladding for your home. Some of the more common cladding materials include:

  • Metal cladding
  • Aluminum cladding
  • Wood cladding
  • Brick cladding
  • Marble cladding
  • Concrete cladding
  • Ceramic cladding
  • Vinyl cladding
  • Composite cladding
  • Stone cladding
  • 3D cladding
  • Metal mesh cladding
  • Plastic cladding
  • Solid surface cladding

As you can see, there are many types of cladding, and you’ll have to determine what the best type for your home is. If you need some help with choosing the right cladding for your home’s or property’s exterior, we can offer some professional guidance that will help you make an informed decision.

Which cladding is the Best?

Honestly, that’s a difficult question to answer because most people have budgetary and design constraints. The best cladding for you also depends on what your goals are. Some claddings are great for aesthetics and nothing more, while others can be used to reinforce the structure and preserve the integrity of your home.

Others may not be very aesthetically pleasing, but they will last a really long time. Nevertheless, if money is no matter, then you cannot go wrong with brick cladding.

If you want more information or need more clarifications regarding the best cladding that you can use for your home, give us a ring on 083 626 9500 or shoot us an email at for a free consultation.